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2015 Event Descriptions
Check back as we get closer for even more events!

Classic K9 Show & Agility Fun Runs
Are you ready for some high-flying, jet-propelled doggy action? The Classic K-9 Dog Show will be performing all weekend. Watch with amazement as they run, jump, retrieve in a flash, and change directions at lightning speeds while competing in a wide variety of 'Olympic' style events. Don't miss the fun and excitement, all day long.

As seen on Good Morning America, the Late Show with David Letterman, Animal Planet’s Pet Star and others, Classic K-9 features some of the most talented dogs and trainers from across the country in exciting events such as the Classic K-9 High Jump, Speed Dogs and agility. These dogs are unbelievable!

Want to get in on the action? Bring your dog and participate in the agility "Fun-Runs" offered by Classic K-9 at various times all weekend. Those making any size donation (benefiting The Canine Cancer Foundation) will receive an all day pass for "Fun Runs".  Watch the fun, this event is free with your daily National Pet Expo admission ticket.  If you are bringing your pet, be sure to check out the
PET RULES page first.

Shows and Fun Runs will be held several times a day in the North Hall Arena.  

Friday - 3pm & 6pm
Saturday - 10am, 1pm, 5pm
Sunday - 10am, 1pm, 3pm

Extreme Reptiles Exhibit
This exhibit is a collection of live, rare and exotic reptiles from around the world!  Every year the reptiles are changed in the exhibit to keep it a new, exciting and educational experience.  So even if you may have seen this exhibit at another event in the past, rest assured, you are sure to learn and see something new!

All the reptiles are housed in enclosures constructed of solid wood with 1/4" tempered viewing glass with key locks. The fine construction of our display makes everyone's experience completely safe and enjoyable.  All enclosures have an informational card thorough enough for adults to learn lots of new facts about each animal, yet simple enough for children of all ages to understand.

This display has been a crowd pleaser and a major draw at many events for 20 years!  It's a zoo on wheels!  Come take a tour of the Extreme Reptiles Exhibit, the tour is free with your daily National Pet Expo admission ticket.

Tour the Extreme Reptiles Exhibit in the North East Hall Reptiles area.

Exhibit open during all show hours.

Home Cooking for Your Dog or Cat
Are you looking for an alternative way of feeding your dog or cat?  Home cooking for your pet can be fun, easy and a healthful alternative. When cooking for your pets, you can control the quality of the diet, as well as adjusting the diet to your individual pet’s needs.  Discover whether “grain-free” is the way to go; learn which grains can be healthy additions to your pet’s diet. By cooking meals using Chinese Medicine Theory, you can keep your pet healthy using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. Learn how easy it is to cook healthy meals for your pets.

Live cooking demonstrations will be held throughout the weekend. Learn how to make meals so tasty you might be tempted to share with your pet!  In addition to meals for your healthy dog and cat, recipe demonstrations will include diets for dogs and cats with allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diets for older dogs and cats who are weak, arthritic and may have decreased kidney function, and diets for dogs and cats with heart disease.

Cooking demonstrations will be presented by Tonya Wilhelm and Dr. Judy Morgan.  These demonstrations are free with your paid admission ticket.

Learn more about home feeding your dog or cat in North East Hall booths 1104-1107.

Friday - 4pm & 6pm
Saturday - 12pm, 3pm, 6pm
Sunday - 12pm, 2pm

Keystone DockDogs® Competition
Talk about High Flying Action! Keystone DockDogs® will hold various competitions throughout the weekend. Their organization is devoted to K-9 competitions which support local charitable organizations. The Big Air® competition is the long-jump event of the dog world. With a running start of 40 feet, dogs launch off the dock into the water, often reaching speeds up to 20 mph!

Extreme Vertical® is another test of jumping skills, but this time it’s the high jump where dogs must knock down a “Flappy” which hangs over the water 8 feet from the end of the dock. The current indoor world record is 8’4”. Come watch as some of the area’s top DockDogs attempt to break the record!

Speed Retrieve® is the final test, and as the name suggests, dogs are timed in their retrieval of a “Flappy”. The dogs that set records are surely talented, but let’s see what you’ve got! This competition is open to all breeds of dogs.

Visit for more information or to enter this fun event. 

Splash on into the fun! Spectators are encouraged and this event is free to watch with your daily National Pet Expo admission ticket.  Additional entry fee applies for those wishing to compete.

Watch the action and visit Keystone DockDogs® in the Northeast Hall Arena all weekend.

Competitions run throughout the weekend!

Lehigh Valley Cat Club
All-Breed Cat show
"Fabulous Felines, Fun and Friendships" This is The International Cat Association (TICA) motto and you will find plenty of it at the Lehigh Valley Cat Club All-Breed and Household Pet Cat Show.

Approximately 100 cats representing many of the over 50 breeds recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA
) will be present and competing for Regional and International Awards. Abyssinians, Maine Coons, Bengals, Exotic Shorthairs, Persians, Sphynx, and Norwegian Forest Cats are just a few of the many breeds that may be showcased at this International Cat Show. In addition to the purebred cats entered in the show there will also be many beautiful Household Pets vying for the same Regional and International awards.

is the worlds’ largest genetic registry of cats and Lehigh Valley Cat Club is host to one of the largest TICA sanctioned cat shows on the East Coast.

The owners of the competing cats look forward to talking to the spectators. They encourage the spectators to come to the show and ask questions. We enjoy sharing our love of cats and educating the spectators in any way they can.

Visit Lehigh Valley Cat Club for more information or to enter this  event.  Pre-entry is required for cat show competitor.

Spectators are encouraged and this event is free with your daily National Pet Expo admission ticket.  Additional entry fee applies for those wishing to compete.  For the safety of the cats,
DOGS are not allowed in the cat show area, please plan accordingly.

Explore the Lehigh Valley Cat Club show located in the North Hall on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday & Sunday - 10am & 5pm

National Pets Got Talent
Sure to be one of the most fun events at the National Pet Expo, the National "Pets Got Talent" competition is open to all species of pets with a special talent!   Participants from all over the region will converge to compete for cash and prizes totaling over $500. 

Pets will be judged and scored in the following categories: 
Execution, Originality, Difficulty and Pet/Handler Partnership.
Bonus prizes will be given for Best Costume, Cutest Pet and "Best Face Only a Mother Could Love"!

Do you have a pet with a special talent?  You can get in on this action!  Entry is FREE with the purchase of an adult admission ticket to the Expo.   Since we expect this competition to attract substantial interest, we suggest you pre-enter as soon as possible! 
CLICK HERE for entry information and rules.

This event is free to watch and free to enter with your daily National Pet Expo admission.

Cheer on your favorite talented pet at the North Hall Arena on Saturday.

Saturday - 2pm

PawsAbilities' Dog Olympic Games
Presented by Susquehanna Service Dogs

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be an Olympic athlete? You can test your dog's abilities in PawsAbilities' Dog Olympics!

There are over 20 games to choose from! These games will test your dog's speed, agility and obedience. Dogs of all skill levels can play! Plus, if you buy a bandana, you can play as many Olympic Games as you and your dog want on both Saturday and Sunday!

Visit the PawsAbilities Website for a description of the Games at

Come watch free with your daily National Pet Expo admission. The cost for you and your dog to participate is $1 per game, or unlimited games with the purchase of a $15 doggy bandana.  Proceeds benefit Susquehanna Service Dogs. 

Attend the Games in the Northeast Hall.

Come play all weekend!

Rabbit Hopping
Presented by Alikatt's Bunnies

Rabbit Hopping?  Yep, think agility for your bunny.  Allikatt's Bunnies will present a mock competition on Saturday at the National Pet Expo. 

After watching the fun-filled demonstration, stroll over to the Seminar Hall area and learn how you can get involved in this sport.

Attend the demonstration in the North Hall Arena and North Hall Seminar Hall.

Saturday - 12pm, 2pm

Search and Rescue / Working Obedience Demonstrations
Presented by the Northeast Search and Rescue K9 Team.  This exciting demonstration will highlight the training that is necessary for these working teams of dog and handler to save lives.  The Team will present a working obedience demonstration as well as an actual search exercise.  

Attend the demonstration in the North Hall Arena.

Saturday - 4pm


Seminars and Demonstrations
by the Experts

The National Pet Expo will offer a full schedule of educational topics on care and training of pets. Experts will discuss topics such as positive training techniques.  Visit with experts in their fields as they discuss proper care and nutrition, socializing and dealing with problem behaviors and more. Check our Schedule of Events as we get closer to the Expo for a full list of topics.

These seminars and demonstrations are free with your daily National Pet Expo admission.

Attend the Seminars in the Northeast Hall and demonstrations in the North Hall Arena.

Please visit our
Speaker Info and Biographies page for Lecture information

Tonya Wilhelm, Toledo Dog Training

That Guy With The Birds; John Lege
These shows are a mix of entertainment, audience participation and a fun way of learning about birds of the world.   Watch as birds perform fun tricks that are sure to delight the entire audience and learn all about different species of parrots. If you missed the show, don't worry, visit John's booth to meet a variety of parrot species, up to 25 different birds will be presented throughout the weekend.  Feel free to ask questions, you will have the opportunity to interact with the birds and more.  John will also be giving seminars throughout the weekend on bird care, training and behavior problems.

These programs are free with your daily National Pet Expo admission ticket.

Watch the shows and visit That Guy With The Birds; John Lege at his booth and demonstration area in the Northeast Hall Bird Area.

Friday - 3pm, 5pm
Saturday - 10am, 1pm, 4pm
Sunday 11am, 1pm, 3pm